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Save Face With Security Cam For iOS

iOS only: Since many of us now carry around valuable (and highly pocketable) tech, there is always the specter of theft lurking in the back of our minds. Luckily, most of these devices contain a camera and Wi-Fi antenna, and can, therefore, be used as surveillance equipment that can identify the thief that just swiped our precious. The only element that is missing is an app that can take advantage of this built-in hardware, and serve as a mobile device surveillance system. Security Cam for iOS might fit the bill.

Security Cam comes with a variety of settings that give you an opportunity to capture the identity of a thief. You can determine how long the app should be active, how frequently it should take photos, and can specify which stimuli (e.g., noises above a certain threshold, motion detection) activate the app. All photos and videos are saved within the app and you have the option to label them with the date and time they were taken. Once captured, data can be saved to your device’s camera roll or emailed directly from the app.

If you are not interested in security, but want to indulge your artistic inclinations, Security Cam can serve double-duty as a time-lapse photography app by enabling you to specify the interval and length of operation you wish the app to be active over.

Although generally happy with the app, Adam Dachis of Lifehacker found that there were several performance issues, e.g., a slow shutter resulting in blurry pictures, a buggy video mode and general sluggishness when turning the camera on and off. For offering the potential to help you reclaim your valuable tech, the app might still be worth the investement, as future updates can address these relatively minor issues.

Source Lifehacker, iTunes App Store

Image via Inti

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