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How To Use Handbrake To Rip Your DVDs


Traditional media is going extinct. CDs, DVDs, Blue-ray, whatever, the utility of having optical disc copies of our prized content is steadily losing its attraction. With an ever-increasing array of easy-to-use software/hardware to digitize our music, movies and photos, the availability of cheap, large-capacity hard drives for long-term storage, and a variety of ways to stream/access our digital content, the possibility of living a digital lifestyle is now a reality.

If you’re sitting on a pile of valuable content that is just waiting to be liberated, you need to become familiar with Handbrake.

Handbrake is a multiplatform, open source video transcoder. Among its many uses, it excels at ripping DVDs and converting their content into forms that are playable on many popular devices, such as iPhones and Apple TVs. The process for accomplishing this task is relatively simple.

What You Will Need

The first step is to download and install a copy of Handbrake and, if you need to rip a DVD with copy protection, VLC.

Select A Source

After you open Handbrake, you will be prompted to choose a media source. Locate and select the DVD that you wish to rip from the drop down menu, and open it.

Choose A Title To Rip

Once Handbrake has loaded the source data, you will see the Title drop-down menu at the upper left-hand corner of the application window.

Once clicked, you will see all of the tracks that your DVD contains. If you wish to rip the entire movie/TV episode, look for the track with the longest length (this should correspond to the length of the movie/episode) and select it.

Configure Your Audio And Video Settings

Next, you need to determine the quality of the ripped content. The higher the quality, the larger your target file will be. Depending on your level of technical know-how, this section can be either a boon or a nuisance, so, if you are not comfortable with the terminology and are not sure what to do, try either manipulating the Target size, Average bitrate or Constant quality slider, or choose a Handbrake preset from the right-side pane that corresponds to your target device.

Once you’ve made a selection, hit the Preview Window icon at the top of the Handbrake window and click Live Preview to get a 10 second glimpse of what the transcoded video will look like upon completion.

Let The Ripping Commence

Once you have chosen the appropriate settings, click the Start button to begin ripping your DVD. Alternatively, if you are transcoding video files on your computer, you can select Add to Queue and proceed to include additional content for transcoding by repeating the above process. Once your queue is complete, click the Start button to begin your batch rip session.

Check out the video below for a hands-on demonstration.

Source Lifehacker

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