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How To Unlock A Protected Excel File

Whether you need to correct a colleague’s mistake, or you forgot the password you secured a file with, getting locked out from mission critical data can be a frustrating experience.

If you’re using Microsoft Office and are looking for ways to regain access to a protected Excel file, you might want to give these options a shot.

Give It To The Big G

Aside from being an increasingly useful way to create and collaborate on productivity projects, Google Docs also serves as a convenient file unlocker.

Simply upload the file, then download it, being sure to save it with a different file name. As with most import/export operations between Microsoft Office and third-party alternatives, formatting discrepancies may be an issue.

Upload It To Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet works comparably to Google Docs, but also gives users more advanced functionality, e.g., the ability to edit spreadsheets stored in SharePoint.

The process to unlock an Excel file is the same. Upload the file, then download it with a distinct name.

Ensode’s Unlock Utility

While not offering an as aesthetically pleasing interface as the previous two options, Ensode’s Unlock Utility is the most functional solution.

After visiting the site, scroll down past the advertisements. Accept the Terms of Service and upload your file. Click on the newly created link to download the file to your computer.

Unlike Docs and Sheet, Ensode’s Unlock Utility preserves the integrity of your spreadsheet. Fonts, cell sizes and calculations should remain intact.

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