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Monitor CPU And RAM Usage Via The Windows 7 Taskbar

Whether your favorite application just locked up or your computer’s fans started to spin uncontrollably, it may be a useful troubleshooting option to have your PC’s CPU and RAM usage continuously displayed on your desktop.

One viable option to accomplish this task is a new, lightweight portable application, RAM CPU Taskbar for Windows 7.

Setting up the app is simple. After you download and run it for the first time, you are presented with an options panel that enables you to configure which parameters you’d like displayed, and how they are presented to you on your system.

The first option requires you to choose which RAM data you’d like monitored. The three options are:

  1. Physical Memory
  2. Virtual Memory
  3. Total Memory

Warning and critical levels for both the RAM and CPU can be set by moving the slider to the desired position.

Red means Critical, Orange/Yellow means Warning, and Green/Blue signifies Normal, although these colors can be modified to fit your preferences.

Once you have finished configuring the app’s settings, click Save. The app will then minimize to the system tray and begin displaying memory usage and CPU data on the taskbar.

The app only takes up approximately 9 MB of memory and displays properly on multiple resolutions and with taskbars of different heights. Even better, it can be configured to launch at system startup and is invisible from the Alt+Tab preview.

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