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Adeptly Arrange Windows With Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows 7)

Windows 7 only: One of the great features of Windows 7 is the way in which it enables you to manipulate windows for increased productivity. If you’re using the operating system, you may have noticed that dragging windows to the edges of the screen will re-size them to a certain size, depending on which edge of the screen you hit.

While this is useful, some may prefer a faster way of accomplishing this task. These keyboard shortcuts will help you get there.

In Windows 7, keyboard shortcuts utilizing the Windows key and directional arrows can be used to juxtapose windows, maximize them, minimize them, and move them to another monitor. You can manipulate an active window in the following ways:

  • Win+Left arrow to snap a window to the left side of the screen
  • Win+Right arrow to snap a window to the right side of the screen
  • Win+Down arrow to minimize or restore (if it’s already minimized) a window
  • Win+Up arrow to maximize a window

If you have a multi-monitor setup, you can also utilize the following shortcuts:

  • Win+Shift+Left arrow to move a window to the left monitor
  • Win+Shift+Right arrow to move a window to the right monitor

Source Lifehacker

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