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Wash Away Terrible Memories Of iOS Calendar App With Agenda Calendar

The calendar app that comes with an iOS device is admirable for its attempt at being functional, and yet straight-forward enough to not overwhelm the end user, but it is certainly capable of being improved upon, especially in regard to its interface and navigational options.

Agenda Calendar by App Savvy attempts to address these shortcomings with panache.

Initially, it may seem as if you are paying $0.99 (normally $1.99) for a svelte, minimalistic calendar app, but upon further use, you will quickly find that the simple and natural way the app helps you navigate your schedule is worth the price of admission.

How does it work? As you may expect, you can move through your days by swiping up and down, but swiping left or right will give you additional options. For example, swiping left gives you a yearly overview and swiping right gives you details for a specific day (alternatively, you can get a day’s details by just tapping on it).

When in the day view, you can move forward and backward by swiping up and down. It may not sound like much, but simple, intuitive design such as this makes an app experience that much more enjoyable.

Other notable features include:

  • Calendar synching with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and MobileMe
  • Landscape view accessible from the default screen with left/right swipe to move through future/past weeks
  • Search functionality available from the default screen
  • Week numbers in landscape week view

Via Lifehacker

Source Swissmiss, Agenda Calendar, YouTube

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