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Skip Recently Listened To Tracks In iTunes

While iTunes has some serious tools available to help you rate and categorize your music, most people probably do not take the time to utilize these features. For example, if you rate your music with stars, you can create playlists that only contain the highest-rated tracks and sync only those to your iOS device.

Today’s tip will show you how to get comparable functionality without having to go through the trouble of evaluating your massive, music library.

Similar to Pandora’s “Don’t Play For A Month” feature, we are going to create a smart playlist that excludes songs that have been skipped several times for a period of one month. To get started, select File | New Smart Playlist… from the drop-down menu, select Last Skipped and set a period of time (e.g., a month).

Now, this smart playlist will exclude tracks that you’ve skipped in the past month. If you are afraid of iTunes being overly aggressive in weeding out skipped tracks, you can add another filter, as described above, to specify the number of skips, therefore, preventing iTunes from categorizing a track as disliked after you skip it a few times.

Personally, I prefer the granularity that rating your most listened to tunes allows, but if that is too much of a hassle for you, give this trick a try.

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Source Macworld

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