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Track Which Android Apps Use The Most Data With Onavo

Having a tiny supercomputer in your pocket is amazing, but you know what isn’t? Well, how do you feel about the exorbitant fees that come with exceeding the data limit on your cellular provider’s plan?

If you would like a way to keep track of how much data your smartphone’s applications are using, you should check out Onavo.

Onavo can help prevent you from going over your monthly data cap by relaying how much data your device has used, which apps are using the most bandwidth, and offering advice/tools for managing said applications.

The app gives you a customized experience. From the main page, you can tell it your data cap, the price of your data plan, and roaming charges, to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your data usage.

To help visualize the information it collects, Onavo offers a variety of graphs and charts for tracking both overall data usage, and the usage for a specific app. It even warns you when an app appears to be consuming a majority of your data. Additionally, you can restrict certain apps to Wi-Fi only to keep your charges down or adjust your usage, accordingly.

Best yet, the app is available at no cost and is ad-free. Lastly, if Android is not your cup of tea, Onavo is also available for iOS.

Via Lifehacker

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