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How To Maximize Your Returns When Selling Back Textbooks

As an inveterate student, I know of the egregious costs of a traditional education. One of the most gut-wrenching experiences is when you return to the bookstore at the end of a semester to sell back unneeded textbooks, only to discover that your like-new tomes are no longer wanted or only fetch a fraction of their original price.

If you value your hard-earned money and you’d like some assistance navigating this torturous process, read on.

A good campus textbook buyback program is convenient and, in some cases, might offer a fair price for your goods. However, there are scenarios where you might run into trouble. For example:

  • Getting Undersold: If your text it still going to be used by the school next semester, you should be getting back no less than 50% of its original value. If you’re being offered less than this value, inquire further. Is there a new edition of the text? Has the school decided to go with another textbook? If they answer no to these questions, pack those texts and walk. There are other viable options available.
  • Genuinely Screwed: If the school bookstore does tell you that there is a new edition of your text or that they have decided to go with an alternative volume, then you are in a tough spot. Your best bet, is to head online and sell them as soon as possible. With low demand and high supply, you will find it increasingly difficult to sell your books the longer you wait.

 Selling Textbooks Online

There are a variety of excellent options for selling textbooks online. Some of the more viable include:

If you have the time, visit each site to obtain a quote so you can have as complete a picture as to which site will give you the best deal. In addition, try running a quick Google search for coupons for each site. You have to know what kinds of deals are floating around the interwebs, and an extra 5% or so back on selling price can make a big difference to an indigent student.

Break The Cycle

The best way to not experience a problem is to be knowledgeable enough to avoid it in the first place. In regard to textbooks, forsaking purchasing for renting is one way to achieve this admirable goal. You have several options, like the previously mentioned BookRenter, as well as:

Again, check the Web for coupons before you commit to a service provider and be sure to do your best to keep your texts in as good condition as possible. Furthermore, if you don’t mind forsaking a physical copy for a digital one, give CourseSmart a try.

For a few more options on obtaining texts, head over to Lifehacker.

Source Lifehacker

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