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Use Google Flights To Discover And Book The Most Affordable Fares

If you’re a technically inclined traveler, you are likely acquainted with myriad services for finding the cheapest flights. Yet, for some people, these services and their various options may seem overwhelming.

For those desiring the simplified interface that Google products often bring to bear, check out their newest tool, Google Flights.

Google Flights enables you to discover affordable airline fares for different spots in the United States. All you need to do is choose a destination and the service will allow you to filter the results by date, duration and price.

The results will change in real-time as you apply different filters. Furthermore, the service lets you book your desired flight and purchase tickets from the airline’s site.

To get started, choose a departure city from the drop-down menu or type one in the text box, select a destination, and apply any required filters.

The service will present you with a set of search results that allows you to easily select an airline. Choosing one of the results will also display similar, available flights.

Selecting the calendar icon on the far right of the Depart/Return bar will display a calendar that enables you to specify a duration within which you’d like to depart. The most affordable fares during that period are shown to the right of the calendar in bar graph form. Select return to choose a Return or One Way trip.

To the right of the Price/Duration bar, you will find a graph icon. Clicking this opens a graph for Price with respect to Duration. To change the value, click and drag it along each axis and the results will be filtered accordingly.

Despite being currently restricted to U.S. destinations, Google Flights is still a valuable tool, and will undoubtedly improve and expand its offerings over time.

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  1. For an incomplete product, Google Flights gets a lot of attention. They are missing three important things to even be considered useful: 1. International flights 2. Flights more than three months in advance (yes, really) and 3. the online travel agents.

    Until then it is just a pretty way to NOT find the cheapest flights, quickly.

    February 16, 2012
    • All excellent points, but as I said, this is a relatively new tool. As we know, Google has a tendency to release products in an incomplete state and iteratively improve them. At this moment, it might not be the BEST tool out there for everyone, but it is still a valuable resource that will most likely continue to get better.

      Thanks for the comment.

      February 22, 2012

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