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Correct Misspelled Words With A Keyboard Shortcut On OS X

Built-in spell checking for many applications is a great feature of OS X, yet, having to use your mouse to continually right-click the word in question and select the appropriate replacement can become tiresome.

This is a common workflow that is ripe for improvement with a killer keyboard shortcut, and OS X is more than happy to oblige.

This shortcut will work with any application that utilizes Apple’s built-in spell check system (e.g., TextEdit, Mail), but, it must first be enabled. In any of the compatible programs, go to Edit | Spelling and Grammar and ensure that Check Spelling While Typing and Correct Spelling Automatically are checked off.

Now, when you misspell a word, hit the space bar, followed by the left arrow. A menu will drop down with spelling alternatives that can be navigated to with your keyboard’s arrow keys. This workflow is fast, easy, and efficient.

Want one more tip? If you’re typing a word you are not completely sure how to spell, press the Escape key to get a list of suggestions. Once again, use the arrow keys to move through the list to your desired selection and press Enter to select it.

Via Lifehacker

Source Macworld

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