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Freely Obtain Common Legal Documents With Docracy

As you get older, you may find that you are presented with a variety of situations that you might not be prepared for.  Often, these events will involve an assortment of legal documentation that you are unfamiliar with.

As long as the context is not excessively complicated, you may be better off obtaining such forms yourself, instead of turning to a (most likely) expensive professional to moderate your transaction. Docracy is one such place you can turn to.

Docracy is a free web resource where you can obtain myriad legal forms, ranging from non-disclosure agreements to apartment leases, as well as sign such documentation. If you’re strapped for cash or have nominal concerns, Docracy can be just what you need.

The service includes lease agreements, incorporation documents for startups, living will forms and many more. Even if you don’t need such forms, at present, it may be wise to bookmark this site for future reference.

Via Lifehacker

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