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Easily Move Between System Preference Panes On OS X With This Shortcut

System Preferences is an excellent one stop shop for customizing many of the critical settings of the OS X operating system. However, as time goes on and your installation gets filled up with all those crazy apps you install, it may become cumbersome to find the entry you’re looking for.

Lifehacker reader Rosemary Jayne has a useful shortcut for easily finding the Preference Pane entry you are looking for.

Simply open up System Preferences and select and hold down the Show All button. A neat little drop down menu will appear below the button. Then, you can move the cursor to the desired selection and let go to choose an entry.

At first glance, this might seem simplistic, but I can honestly state that, at times, I’ve probably spent a few seconds too long gazing at System Preference windows trying to find what I was looking for. Having a drop down menu with the entries organized in alphabetical order really does help.

A small, but useful, tip. Keep in mind that this only works in OS X Lion.

Source Lifehacker

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