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Wirelessly Transfer Files Between Your Mac And iOS Device With Deliver

There are many ways to transfer files between your computers and mobile devices, but not all of them are free and ensure secure transactions. If you are the proud owner of a Mac and iOS device, you might want to give Deliver a try.

Deliver is a set of free apps for both Mac and iOS that enables you to transfer files and text over a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, transfers can be password protected and you can ensure that only authorized iOS devices can send you transfers.

To get started, both versions of the app must be running on your Mac and iOS device, and both devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To transfer a file from your Mac, click either Command+O or select the Pen/Notepad button on the application’s toolbar, and click the Plus Sign that appears. By default, this button enables you to paste text that you’d like transferred between devices. To transfer files, you’ll need to select the Plus button, and then drag and drop the file onto the application’s interface. To view file transfer progress, click the History button denoted by the Clock icon.

Once your iOS device receives the transfer request, you will get an audio alert and the transfer will begin. To start a file transfer from an iOS device, select the Plus Sign in the app’s interface. To transfer text, select the Text icon. To setup secure transfers, click the Padlock button and enter a password (the procedure is the same when initiating secure transfers from your Mac).

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