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Open All Tabs In Current Window In Alternate Browser With Switch For Mac

Whether you are a developer or an average Web user, certain websites may not display properly in your browser of choice. If you are a Mac user and want an easy way to open troublesome pages in an alternate browser, check out Switch.

Switch is a free Mac application that, after installation, is accessible from the Menu Bar, and enables you to send all tabs in your current browser window to another installed browser. To get started, ensure that your browser window is active and is the frontmost window. Then, right-click the arrow icon in the Menu Bar and choose another browser you’d like to send the current tabs to. If you get a Cannot transfer from current application error, then your browser window is not the current active window.

In addition, Switch lets you choose a default browser to send your tabs to. To setup, right-click the application’s icon in the Menu Bar and select Preferences…. Then, from the By default, transfer to: drop down box, select a default browser.

Switch supports Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

Via Lifehacker

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