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Discover The Best Job For You With Bright


One of the hardest aspects of growing older is trying to find meaningful employment that you’re passionate about, utilizes your skills, is a good fit for your personality, and gives you the opportunity to improve yourself, as well as those around you. For such a demanding request, you will most likely never find a perfect solution, but a new web service might help you get one step closer.

There are many job search engines and aggregators available online, but if you’d really like to increase your odds of getting an interview, wouldn’t it make more sense to take your personal information, employment history, and specific skill set into consideration when narrowing down job results? That is the idea behind Bright.

Bright employs an algorithm based on a study of millions of job listings, applicant backgrounds, and resumes, as well as feedback from recruiters, to help you find jobs that you’d have an increased probability of getting a callback on. To get started, visit the site, upload your resume, and complete your profile. The service will run its algorithm and present you with a list of jobs that each have a Bright Score placed next to them. If you see a score above 90, that means the service has determined you are a good fit and that you should probably take a shot and apply for the job.

Bright’s algorithm not only considers your past experience and skill set, but also other factors, including where you went to school, your social network, and the employer’s hiring predilections. In addition, the service lets you store multiple resumes and can save your applications for job tracking purposes, and even regularly email you with saved job searches.

Considering the overwhelming number of listings found in online job search aggregators, this could be an excellent way to ensure you are not wasting your time and are focusing solely on the best possible shots for obtaining gainful employment.

Source Lifehacker

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