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Learn How To Share Your Google Calendars

Google Calendar

Cloud-based products offer many advantages over applications that need to be installed on your local computer. They are independent of what operating system your computer is running, they can be accessed from any machine that has a web browser installed, and they are more frequently updated with cutting edge features. Out of all the web apps available, none is as well-known and respected as Google Docs.

One aspect that is particularly useful is how it facilitates sharing and collaboration. Today, we’re going to walk through the various settings involved in sharing a Google Calendar.

Share A Public Calendar

Calendar settings

An initial decision you’ll need to consider is whether you’d like to set your calendar as either public or private. If it is public, sharing it is a simple process, i.e., all you need to do is send your collaborator the public address for the calendar. To do this, select the small triangle next to the calendar you’d like to share, and click Calendar settings.

Calendar name

On the Calendar settings page, select the Calendar name.

Calendar link

Now, at the bottom of the page, you will see a section titled Calendar Address. Click on HTML to access the calendar’s link.

Caveat: If your calendar’s privacy level is set to public, anyone can access its content.

Share A Calendar With Specific People

Share this Calendar

As with sharing public calendars, you will need to start off by selecting the small triangle next to the calendar name, but now, choose Share this Calendar.

Calendar permissions

On the Share this Calendar page, you can enter individual email addresses and assign permissions for a high level of granular control. For example, permissions can be set to See only free/busy (hide details), See all event details, Make changes to events, and Make changes and manage sharing.

As long as your collaborator is a Google Calendar user, they will be able to access your calendar via the link previously discussed in the public calendar section above.

Sharing Events

Edit Event

Lastly, Google calendar allows for the sharing of only individual events from a calendar. To get started, select the event and click Edit event.


Next, set the event’s privacy to Public. Now, only collaborators with access to your Free/Busy schedule will be able to see the event. To add additional individuals to this list, you’ll need to go back to the Share this Calendar page, add the additional email addresses of your collaborators, and select the permission level to See only free/busy (hide details).

Source Online Tech Tips

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