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Manage Facebook Events On Your Mac With Going


Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the Facebook, but with a billion users worldwide, many of whom are actively using the site on a daily basis, it is an undeniable force that is increasingly used for multiple functions. One such use case is Events, an easy way to share/organize either casual get-togethers or formal occasions.

If Events are a critical part of your workflow and you use (love) a Mac, this affordable app might make your day.

Going is a simple, affordable OS X app ($1.99) that persists in the Menu Bar. It enables you to reply to and follow events, lets you know when there is a scheduled event approaching, and forwards Facebook events to iCal.

Setting up the app is simple. After installation, open it up and log in with your Facebook credentials. Your events will populate the app in a few moments. If you only want to manage your events, you’re all set, but if you want to dig deeper, open the app’s preferences. Here, you can toggle notifications on/off, push RSVP’d events to your iCal calendar(s), and more.

Source Lifehacker

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