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Regain Ability To Set Software Update Frequency In Mountain Lion

Many geeks and technology loving citizens out there have, um, how should I say this, some fastidious tendencies. We like things set up a certain way, to a specific standard, that helps us keep our lives productive and organized.

One system preference I always change when setting up a fresh install of OS X is the frequency with which the operating system checks for system updates (set to Daily, of course). Apple’s latest version, Mountain Lion, has removed this ability, and the default is now set to a week.

This will not do. Let’s learn how to set things right.

To customize this critical setting you will need to manipulate a preference file on your Mac. First, select the Finder, and from the menu bar options, choose Go | Go To Folder… and paste in the following location:


Caveat: Administrator privileges will be required to manipulate this file. It can be viewed/modified with any text editor, e.g., TextEdit.

After you open the file, you can change the ScheduleFrequency key from the number 7 to whatever number of days you’d prefer (for those with OC tendencies, number FTW).

Source Mac OS X Hints

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