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Remember Who Borrowed What With Lendthing For iOS


Whether you are a student living in a dorm room, or you just happen to be a member of a community that has realized the benefits of communal sharing, keeping track of who you lent a valued possession to can quickly become a hassle.

If you use iOS, an app called Lendthing may help you stay organized.

A relatively simple app, Lendthing maintains a record of which individual has what item and enables you to send SMS reminders to ensure you get everything you lent out back on time.

To start using the app, just tap the plus button and add a new item, being sure to record who you lent it to. As you enter more items, a list will be maintained. Once you get something back, you can tap the item to mark it as returned or, if something has not been returned at an agreed upon time, send that individual a pre-written SMS reminder to return the item ASAP. Even better, if the person is in your contacts, the app will automatically acquire their number for you.

It’s still early days, and as the app evolves, it is sure to add helpful, new features. Still, at present, Lendthing offers enough basic functionality to justify its cost.

Lendthing is available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

Source Lifehacker

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