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Improve Your Windows Touchpad Experience With TwoFingerScroll


Undoubtedly, one of the most soul-crushing experiences of using a Windows laptop is the trackpad. Even though manufacturers are finally starting to increase their size and incorporate more complicated multitouch gestures, Windows touchpad performance is still far behind what you’d find on their Mac counterparts.

While you can’t really adjust this on the hardware end, you might be able to improve your experience on the software side.

TwoFingerScroll is an application that can improve the performance of a Windows touchpad. Aside from yielding smoother performance, the app adds numerous additional features that your current setup might not offer, such as:

  • Palm detection for tapping and scrolling
  • Horizontal two finger scrolling
  • Double-tap with one finger and drag with another
  • Three-finger gestures to activate Aero Flip or Alt+Tab

The application works with Synaptics touchpads, which most Windows laptops are equipped with, and can be customized by selecting its icon in the System Tray after installation.

Via Lifehacker

Source CyberNet News

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