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Keep Tabs On Your Favorite Brews And Discover New Ones With Goodbrews


As the broheim is apt to point out, there is more to beer than Coors Light and Stella Artois. If you’re a beer aficionado, you’re most likely aware that there is a whole world of craft beers out there that covers a wide gamut of flavors, styles, and brands.

If you can’t get enough of the heady brews and you’d like a way to organize and discover the tastiest selections, you should give Goodbrews a shot.

Goodbrews is a web service that makes it easy to select the beers you already enjoy, and get ratings and recommendations for those you have yet to discover from people just like you. To get started, sign up for the service and complete your profile, being sure to rate (thumbs up or thumbs down) the brews you have already quaffed. Then, the next time you visit the site, you’ll notice that the service has made recommendations for new brews you should try based on your drinking history.

If you’d like to further utilize the wisdom of the crowds, you can easily check out the top 10 beers tab and see what Goodbrews’ users rate as the best beers. Furthermore, if there is a beer you’ve tried and really liked, or want to try out the next time you’re at the pub, you can add it to your fridge for easy referencing.

The Goodbrews service is new, so you should be a little understanding if the selection or rating system is not as robust as you’d hoped, but it is simple, free, and easy to get started with. Check it out today.

Source Lifehacker

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