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Clean Up Your Chrome Bookmarks With Neater Bookmarks

Neater Bookmarks

Chrome is an amazing browser that is fast becoming its own veritable, cloud operating system. Regardless of what device or OS I am using, Chrome is there, syncing all my essential information and bringing me the fast, clean performance I’ve come to expect.

Yet, there is at least one area of traditional browsing where Chrome falls short, i.e., bookmarks. The organizer is ugly and cumbersome, and it doesn’t seem to be as efficient or powerful as Firefox’s offering.

Chrome’s myriad other strengths more than makeup for this weaknesses, but if you’d like to make its bookmark organizer more palatable, give this extension a try.

Neater Bookmarks is a Chrome extension that makes perusing your bookmarks a little easier. First and foremost, the extension adds a button adjacent to your omnibar that, when pressed, displays your bookmarks in a popup window. Aside from presenting your bookmarks in a visually appealing fashion, this window will also remember the position you’ve previously scrolled to, and highlight recently opened bookmarks.

In addition, you can customize how links are opened. You can choose to open all bookmarks within a folder and close any unused folders (i.e., within the panel’s tree view) once you’re done with them.

If manually browsing your bookmarks in this little window sounds like too much work, you can just start typing within the box at the top of the window to initiate a search based on the entry’s name and URL (folders are ignored). Selecting a bookmark will open it in the current tab and close the popup menu. When you reopen the menu, the last entry you opened will be highlighted and your scroll position within the list will be preserved (this behavior can be disabled through the extension’s options, if you so desire.)


Many behaviors of the extension can be tweaked to fit your workflow. You can set the popup panel to stay open after you’ve selected an entry, change the zoom level for the bookmarks list, and even tweak the extension’s layout if you are comfortable creating/editing CSS.

Source addictivetips

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