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Divide Your Browser Tabs With Tab Scissors For Chrome

Tab Scissors

One of the things I love about Chrome is the slick way it handles tabs. Creating, organizing, and dragging them in and out of windows is a pretty seamless process, and it’s something that has made research/writing sessions much more productive.

Often, when I writing an article, I need two windows open, side-by-side, so I can continually go back and reference a source article for a post. Normally, I’d be forced to manually create the separate windows and snap them to the sides of the screen.

Now, there is a Chrome extension that can make this a streamlined process.

Tab Scissors is a Chrome extension that divides your open Chrome tabs into separate browser windows. To get started, just select an open tab and click the extension icon.

Tabs that are to the left of the active tab will go into the left window, and all the others will go into the right window. This is a simple operation, but it can be a real time saver if you do this operation often.

Give it a try, today.

Via Lifehacker

Source MakeUseOf

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