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Encrypt Gmail Messages With SafeGmail

Gmail now utilizes HTTPS by default for its connections, thereby offering a layer of protection from third parties that might manage to capture your data packets while in transit. Yet, this doesn’t protect you from Google and its employees themselves or the government agencies that might request your personal emails.

If you love the convenience and ease of use of Gmail, but want an additional layer of security, you should check out SafeGmail.

SafeGmail is a Chrome extension that adds PGP-like encryption to your email transmission, and requires an answer to a simple question for decryption.


Once you’ve  installed it, create a Gmail message, as usual. When done, click the Encrypt check box in Gmail. Then, you’ll have to write a question/answer combo that only the recipient of the email will know how to complete.


After a short time, your message will be encrypted and a link will be sent to its recipient. After the receiver clicks on the link and provides the correct answer to your question, the message will be decrypted, and they will be able to access its contents.

SafeGmail claims that encryption is done client side, within your browser, and that they never actually have access to your email’s contents. If you are feeling brave and want to get extremely geeky, you can actually check out the program’s source code over on GitHub.

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