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Filter Out Large Gmail Attachments With Undocumented Search Operator

Undocumented Search Operator

If you’ve been a dedicated Gmail user since its inception, you may finally be approaching the point where you are about to hit the generous storage space quota that Google allots you. The most likely culprit that contributes to this issue is the presence of large attachments.

In all likelihood, you have already downloaded and made use of these files and no longer need them taking up valuable archive space in your Gmail account, but, you are not sure how to easily locate them without spending hours manually perusing your messages.

An undocumented Gmail search operator can make it dead simple to filter out these prodigious emails.

If you’re a Gmail jockey, you are probably aware that there are a variety of filters you can utilize to perform all kinds of useful operations on your messages. What you may not have known is that you can also filter by email message size, in bytes, specifically.

For example, if you wanted to display only messages that were 20 MB (Megabytes) or larger, you would enter size:209711520 into the search box (or, to make it easy, size:20000000, if you aren’t an obsessive-compulsive, pedantic geek, like me ;-).

Once you identify the most egregious culprits, you can decide whether you want to delete the messages, download them via POP3 for local storage, or keep them online for future reference.

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