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Intelligently Keep Your Mac Awake With Should I Sleep

Should I Sleep

In the past few years, laptops have been my main workhorse machines. One feature that is great for laptops, but is annoying when you are always using it with its power adapter, is the fact that the display keeps going to sleep in order to preserve power. So, once I found this awesome little app, I was in love.

The only way to make it any sweeter, would be if it was a little more intelligent, i.e., you still need to manually turn the app on and off. Should I Sleep might just be the Caffeine successor we’ve all been waiting for.

Should I Sleep is a free Mac app that uses your computer’s camera to prevent your display from going to sleep whenever it detects your presence. After installation, click on the app’s Menu Bar icon and ensure that Face Detection is checked under Prevent by Sensors.

Now, OS X is ready to set your display to sleep after a period of, let’s say, one minute, but, if Should I Sleep detects you’re still sitting at your computer via its webcam, it will keep you computer awake. Yet, if you get up and walk away from your rig, you can rest easy that the default OS settings will take over and turn off/lock your display, if you are not present.

Aside from face detection, there is one more way for you to configure Should I Sleep. Under the app’s Menu Bar preferences, you can also specify an amount of time that you’d like the app to prevent your display from going to sleep.

Sensors Catalog

You can increase the accuracy of the sensor by forcing it to check more frequently for your presence via the Customize tab in the app’s Preferences. From the Start Up tab, you can set the app to launch every time you reboot your machine and you can purchase additional sensors (e.g., those that detect audio and external display cues).

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