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Save Space With Style With The NewerTech NuStand

NewerTech NuStand

I’m a huge fan of Apple’s Mac Mini and Apple TV combination. With the Mini acting as an iTunes Server, and the Apple TV as the reliable and dead-simple GUI for the home theater, I’ve never come across a more desirable media streaming setup. It really just works.

While these devices are already compact for the massive value they pack, they might be surrounded by an assortment of rather crude devices that comprise your home theater setup. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the clutter and create more space for your gadgets, you might want to consider the NewerTech NuStand.

Both the Mac Mini and Apple TV are pretty small devices, but they do tend to take up precious horizontal space. One way to make some easy room is to turn them vertical.

The NewerTech NuStand enables you to do this, while still giving you the ability to control the devices via the IR remote for a reasonable price ($12.50 for the Apple TV stand and $17.50 for the Mac Mini stand).

Source Lifehacker

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