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Tweet, Update Facebook, And Message Via Keyboard Shortcuts With Eggy


OS X Only: One welcomed aspect to the latest iteration of OS X, Mountain Lion, is the tight integration with popular social media services (i.e., Twitter and Facebook). Now, it is a facile process to share links, pictures, and status updates to your social media network of choice. In addition, contacts were consolidated, which enables you to access the email addresses and phone numbers of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers directly in your OS X Contacts application.

One area where social media OS integration got gypped was keyboard shortcuts. OS-wide integration lets you post to Facebook or tweet for any OS X application, yet, to do so, you must utilize each service’s respective widget in the Notification Center.

Eggy, a free OS X application, lets you bypass this vexatious requirement.

Eggy lets you define custom keyboard shortcuts for either posting to Facebook/Twitter, or for sending messages through Apple’s iMessage service. The app’s control panel consists of a single window that enables you to map certain functions to specific keyboard combinations. Thankfully, it prevents you from setting a shortcut that would conflict with a built-in OS command.

Once you’ve finished setting your commands, simply close out the window (make sure to check off the Launch at login box so you don’t need to manually restart the app after a reboot), and Eggy will continue to run silently in the background. To return to this window while Eggy is running in the background, just launch the application, once again.

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