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Create Remotely Controllable URLs With Framote


Today’s tip may be a little beyond the needs of the average user, but if you do any kind of web design/testing, or if you’re just someone that has a creative mind that adopts tools for novel use cases, you might like a new service called Framote.

Framote is a web service from which you can create a live URL that can be remotely controlled. So, how does this work? To start, head over to Framote and specify a website’s URL (e.g., Framote will create a unique URL from that address that you can share with your collaborators or friends. Now, if you change the underlying website on your end, all the screens displaying your custom URL will be automatically updated.

So, let’s say you’re a developer that is working on a redesign of your website. You want to make sure that your changes are being accurately represented on a variety of different platforms and form factors (e.g., phones, tablets, Android devices, iOS devices). By using a Framote URL on all your test devices, you can make changes at your main development rig and see them automatically pushed out to all of your test devices, simultaneously.

For more on how this technology works, head over to Digital Inspiration.

Source Digital Inspiration

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