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Explore A Limited, But FREE, Collection Of Audiobooks For iOS

Audiobooks HQ

Audible is the premier provider of high quality audiobooks, but its monthly subscription plans may be a little too expensive for many bibliophiles, especially in this type of economy. If you use iOS and are willing to suffer a more limited selection of titles, Audiobooks HQ is an app you’ll want to check out.

Audiobooks HQ is a new audiobook app for iOS that differentiates from its competitors by offering free audiobook versions of public-domain books read by volunteers (so happy to write that sentence). The selection is at around 600 titles, and they are mostly classic, high-quality tomes.

Browse And Search

To find a specific title or author, you can use the app’s search button, but browsing works just as well and will give you the opportunity to discover what the app has to offer. At present, Audiobooks HQ utilizes two major sources for its titles, Globe Radio and LibriVox.

Within each of these collections, there are distinct sections for popular titles, books by specific authors, recent additions, and an entry that lets you list books by their length. Many English classics are available, as well as books that are educational or will help you learn foreign languages. There is even a substantial section for children’s books.

Once you have chosen and downloaded an audiobook, the app’s player can be used. It supports bookmarking, an option to add your own text notes at a specific bookmark, and a Sleep option to stop playback after a specified period of time.


Multiepisode audiobooks can be managed by pressing the Tracks button and playback speed can be controlled via the slider shown at the top of the player, which remains persistent thanks to the small ribbon in the bottom-left corner of the screen as you navigate within the app.

Audiobooks HQ is available in the iOS App Store for $1.99.

Source addictivetips

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