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Explore Sites’ Cookies Without Ever Browsing Them With Cookie-Checker

As previously discussed, cookies are one way websites can maintain information about users as they browse from page to page on the interwebs. While some see the use of these items for tracking and targeted advertising as integral for monetizing online businesses, others see them, at best, as annoying, and, at worst, to be a privacy violation.

Regardless, it is always best to be an informed user and it’s good to know what kind of information a site is collecting about you. Today’s tip is going to help put a little more power in your hands.

Instead of visiting a site and letting your browser collect its cookies for later examination, does all the work for you. Just head on over to and enter the URL of the site whose cookies you’d like examined.

Next, Cookie Cutter will give you a display of the types of cookies the site utilizes (e.g., First Party Cookies, Third Party Cookies, Third Party Requests), as well as detailed descriptions for each entry. To learn more, scroll down to the Cookie details section and click on the type of cookie you’d like to learn more about.

Note: will not take into account the infamous Flash Cookie.

Source gizmo’s freeware

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