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Misplaced Your Router Password? Tips For Regaining Control


Whether you never set it up to begin with and disposed of the original documentation, or you’ve simply forgotten the password you set, having access to your router’s configuration settings is critical for a variety of security and performance reasons. If you’ve lost access and need to regain control, there are several steps you can take to re-establish Geek dominance.

Determine The Default Authentication Credentials

Any modern SOHO router has a built-in web server that you can utilize to configure its settings. To access this utility for the first time, you will need to enter in the default username and password set by the manufacturer. Fortunately  there are a number of ways to determine this information:

  1. If you’ve saved the documentation that came with your router, you should be able to find the username/password within the setup instructions. If you no longer have the manual, try running a Google search including your router’s model number and the term manual. In addition, you can try using an online database like
  2. Sometimes, the information you require may be on the router itself. Look for a sticker or label of some kind with your router’s unique password.
  3. Default authentication credentials are not very complicated, so you can also try logging in with some of the common usernames and passwords, e.g., admin and a blank username, or admin as the username and password.

If none of these steps work for you, then you’ll need to try something a little more drastic.

Reset to Factory Defaults

Reset Button

SOHO routers come with a Reset button that can be used to set the router to its Factory Default settings. Once reset, any changes you’ve made to the router configuration settings will be wiped and you’ll be able to regain access with the device’s default credentials.

The exact process of how to accomplish this may vary from router to router, but some general steps can be outlined. First, locate the Reset button. It’s most likely on the back of the unit in a depressed hole, referred to as a pinhole. To easily depress it, try using a pencil tip or an unfolded paperclip. Just pressing the button will not be enough. You’ll need to hold it down for a specific period of time, usually about 10 seconds.

Once this is done, the router will reboot and reset itself to the Factory Defaults.

For even more tips on how to work with your router without knowing its password, head over to How-To Geek.

Source How-To Geek

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