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Replicate OS X’s Resume Feature On Windows With AutoStarter X3

AutoStarter X3

One useful feature of the newest versions of Apple’s OS X operating system is the Resume function. We’re all creatures of habit. Most likely, each of us relies upon a customized set of applications, web services, and files on a daily basis.

Instead of requiring you to manually open up each resource every time you reboot your computer (or setup certain services/applications to run at startup), OS X’s Resume function saves the state of your Mac, and, upon rebooting the machine, does an admirable job of recreating your desktop exactly as you left it before you shut it down.

While this feature has not yet been incorporated into Windows, there are ways to approximate comparable functionality.

AutoStarter X3 is a portable application that lets you create a customized sequence of items (e.g., certain applications you’d like to run; files you’d like to open; web pages you’d like to load; music you’d like to listen to) and save it to a batch file. Running this file will launch each action in the order you specified, and save you the hassle of having to manually initiate each step.

AutoStarter X3 Options

The application provides an easy to use GUI that makes it simple to add files, programs, and folders to the batch file. At the top of the application window, there are quick access tabs for Add, Edit, Delete, Up, Down, New, Open, Save, Save As, Test, and Batch.

To start your sequence, click Add to add an item to your list. You can add a file, open web pages in browser tabs or separate windows, open a folder or shortcut, play music, and start an application.

Once configured, you can test the batch file by pressing the Test button. Once you’ve verified everything is to your satisfaction, press the Batch button to save the file.

AutoStarter X3 is a free application and is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

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