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Restore Twitter Data To Your Google Searches With HashPlug For Chrome

Google search is an incredible tool, yet it was never adept at mining our social graphs, i.e., the voluminous amounts of data we share on our social networks. This all changed once Google launched their Real-Time Search product. Google was leveraging real-time data from multiple social networks (e.g., publicly available data from Twitter and Facebook fan page updates) to provide more personalized, relevant answers to your queries.

Unfortunately, the deals that enabled this interoperability fell through, and Google ended up creating a social layer on top of their products to obtain unfettered access to the types of information that social networks like Twitter and Facebook no longer wanted to provide. If Google’s Social Search is not giving you the kind of results you want, and you pine for the days of Twitter integration, there is an extension for Chrome that can bring you pretty close to the real McCoy.

HashPlug is a Chrome extension that re-integrates tweets back into your Google search results. Twitter results are displayed in an extra sidebar next to your Google search results. Here, you can read tweets, retweet tweets, or share them, all without having to go to the Twitter website itself.

Via Lifehacker

Source Tekzilla

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