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The Archive Browser Is An Enhanced Version Of The Venerable Unarchiver

The Archive Browser

One of the first applications I always install when setting up a new Mac is The Unarchiver. It’s free, open source, and performs an essential function that every computer needs with aplomb, i.e., decompression.

Although it’s a sweet piece of kit and handles a variety of file types that OS X’s built-in utility would be baffled by, it doesn’t have some of the advanced functions and operating system hooks that would make it even better.

If you’re willing to part with a little hard-earned coin, the Archive Browser can meet these elevated expectations.

The Archive Browser ($4) is a decompression app based on OS X’s venerable Unarchiver application. It offers the same great baseline functionality, but ratchets things up a notch by offering additional features.

If you want to examine the contents of an archive before you extract it, the app will enable you to view its contents, perform a QuickLook preview, and also present you with relevant statistics about the archive itself and its contents.

Source Lifehacker

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