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Backup Your Android Device To Your Desktop Without Root Access

Holo Backup

While Android’s built-in backup option is useful and appreciated, it is notorious for providing a less than stellar restore experience. More comprehensive backup solutions traditionally required a user to root their device, but the latest breed of backup apps are much more forgiving and user-friendly.

Holo Backup is one such example. This backup app runs from and backs up your Android device to your desktop computer and accomplishes this without requiring root access. To get started, enable debugging mode on your Android device (Settings | Developer, enable Developer Options, then, enable USB Debugging) and install the corresponding application on your desktop.

Now, connect your device to your computer, launch the Windows or Linux desktop application and select a backup option. You can choose to backup your entire device, just your apps, all of your data with or without the apps, or just a single app. In addition, the application lets you restore your backed up data to your device in a simple, smooth user-friendly process.

Via Lifehacker

Source Reddit

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