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Consolidate Useful Android Settings With Hive Settings

One bittersweet aspect of the Android experience is the vastness and accessibility of its configuration settings. While it is nice to have a wide range of options available to customize and tweak, it can, sometimes, seem a little complicated to try and identify the exact setting you require.

Unlike other mobile operating systems (Ahem!!!, iOS), you can easily remedy this issue with third party applications and the flexible Android platform.

Hive Settings is a free app that lets you decide what the most important settings on your device are, and conveniently places them all on a single screen for easy access. Created by _lucian of the XDA Developers forum (an excellent Android troubleshooting resource, BTW), it gives you one-touch access to essential settings, e.g., screen brightness, screen rotation, and 3G/4G data settings.  In addition, the app includes an app manager, backup options, and the ability to create an APK from an installed app on your device.

Via Lifehacker

Source xda-developers

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