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Ensure Maximum Alertness With Wake ‘n’ Shake For iOS

Maybe you stayed out a little too late with your main squeeze, or you can’t pull yourself away from the epic adventure of the furry-footed Mr. Baggins, but, sometimes, despite our best intentions, we stay up too late and don’t get enough shuteye.

Then, morning comes. You hear that hateful ringing and you know it’s time to get up, and there is always that tempting Snooze button (My PRECIOUS!!!!). Before you know it, it’s two hours later, and you’re seriously late.

Wake ‘n” Shake has an effective, yet sadistic, solution to your quandary.

Wake ‘n’ Shake is an iOS alarm app that forces you to be a little more, um, active in turning off your alerts. The trick is that in order to turn off the blaring alarm, you have to shake it. While that might sound potentially dangerous (and tiring), it’s not as bad as it sounds (think of shaking a carton of orange juice).

To get started, just set an alarm with the built-in Clock app. Once it goes off, start shaking. If you realize the benefits of a quick Power Nap, the app also has you covered. You can set a nap alarm time with only one tap.

Furthermore, a recent update has now added achievements for getting out of bed as quickly as you can. You rise to the top of the leaderboard by getting up on time more frequently and by being faster to respond to your alarm.

Source Lifehacker

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