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Monitor Your Online Avatar With Safe Shepherd

Safe Shepherd

Previously, I’ve discussed the importance of monitoring your online identity. The tips and strategies are still valid, but a successful effort requires a manual effort, on your part, and some of us may wish to reap the benefits of a good, online profile pruning without the time cost.

Safe Shepherd is an online service that can automate this process for you.

Safe Shepherd is a privacy protection service that monitors your social networks to ensure that you are using them in a way that protects your sensitive information. The service goes a step further by keeping your personal information off of people search engines and from companies that harvest PII.

If your data is found to be listed on such a service, Safe Shepherd notifies you so that you can have it removed, if possible. In regard to your social media accounts, the service will alert you once a post or app displays too much of your personal information (e.g., where you live, work, etc.).

After Safe Shepherd finishes creating your profile, you can review what it has found and make any requisite changes. There is no charge for the report, and you can enter your Twitter or Facebook username in the search box on Safe Shepherd’s main page to see what information they can find out about you.

If you want to have your information removed from sites like Spokeo, you can sign up for a Safe Identity membership ($14 monthly), and Safe Shepherd will generate the necessary correspondence, or make the calls required to get things done. If that price is too steep for your budget, they even offer self-help guides to walk you through the process of doing it yourself.

Source Lifehacker

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