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Research Potential Employers With Glassdoor For iOS

Glassdoor For iOS

We are moving through a period of great disruption, and the ability to quickly adapt to one’s environment is becoming a required skill to survive and thrive. This fact is exemplified in myriad ways, and one area of particular concern for many people is employment.

Often finding themselves moving from position to position every few years, many Generation X’ers and Millennials find it to be increasingly useful to gauge potential employers, as much as possible, prior to an interview or commitment in order to ensure a good fit. Luckily, we also live in an age of information, where transparency and personal empowerment are staunch hallmarks.

Glassdoor is a useful online portal that enables employees, employers, and job seekers to discover firsthand feedback regarding a company’s work environment, as well as detailed information regarding salaries, company reviews, interview questions/feedback, benefits information, and CEO approval ratings. Now, the company has made this powerful resource available for mobile consumption with the release of their official iPhone/iPod Touch app for iOS.


When you first open the app, you will see a list of the most popular companies at the bottom of the screen. Here, you can swipe through to discover desirable jobs in their city and the wages being offered for them. If you have something specific in mind, you can run a query by entering the appropriate keywords in the Location and Job Title/Organization fields.


After you select an organization, the app displays its overall ratings, as gauged from employee feedback. If you’re searching for a specific job, you can employ the filter option to remove irrelevant entries. In addition, you can switch between salaries and reviews by tapping the buttons at the top of the list.

Even though a main company page only displays the net salary for a position, you can tap through to obtain detailed information. The salary page gives you additional data, e.g., bonus amounts, stock amounts, and commissions via an expected average payout. To view the minimum and maximum earning limit, tap the Range tab.

Glassdoor’s reviews are posted anonymously by supposed employees that work/have worked at the company of interest. Reviews list off a position’s pros and cons, and also include a five star rating system to help a user quickly determine a job’s overall value.

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