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Respect The Spectacles: Clean Your Eyeglasses The Right Way

Oh, eyeglasses…. what at first begins as a minor annoyance, becomes a kind of geek badge of honor, proudly displayed with the insinuation that there is a high probability that their wearer can either (1) fix your computer, or (2) has a ridiculously detailed, encyclopedic knowledge of a specific subject matter. Who knows, the wearer might even be the one uber-Geek to rule them all….

Sergey Un-Emasculated

Regardless, those bad boys get smudged and gunked up over time, and keeping them shiny is a top priority for our four-eyed friends. So, let’s do this thing the right way.

Many of us have been there. There is an annoying smudge in the corner of our spectacles, we pull them off, and go to reach for our shirt to wipe them down. DON’T DO IT!!!! Why? That shirt is littered with tiny dust particles that might scratch your lenses, and those bad boys won’t wipe away at all. So what is acceptable? Any other piece of cotton should do (personally, I prefer microfiber cloths).

For a superior shine, you will want to be sure that you also rinse your glasses off with plain-old soap and water prior to giving them a rub down. Not fancy enough for you? Well, here’s what the professionals say:

The AOA recommends washing glasses every morning, paying special attention to the frames and earpieces, where hair product and makeup tend to rub off. Whatever you do, don’t use the most handy form of water to clean your lenses. “Some people use spit, but don’t,” urges Dr. Geist. Though dirty glasses won’t cause an eye infection, saliva “is not the best hygiene method, and it just won’t work very well,” she says. Soap, warm water and a dry cloth are all you need, once a day, to keep glasses optimally clean and functional.

Although you might be tempted to experiment with more powerful compounds, you really should stay away from using anything with bleach, vinegar, ammonia, or window cleaner because those substances may wear away the special coatings on your lenses.

Image via The Joy of Tech

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Source Wall Street Journal

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