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Sync OS X And iOS Clipboards With CloudClipboard


Over the past few months, I’ve become convinced of the capabilities of mobile computing devices (i.e., smartphones, tablets) to effectively supplement, and in some cases, outright replace, the more traditional laptop experience. Now, I find myself in a place where I am using multiple devices running multiple operating systems.

Using Google services and a web browser like Chrome make this a very real and downright pleasurable experience because of the seamless nature of Google’s sync technology. One moment, I could be composing another article for this site, or researching a health issue for my Gramps, and the next, I could be waiting in line on a smartphone, or at a friend’s house on a tablet, perusing all the tabs I left open on my home computer.

Aside from sync, another essential aspect of computing is copy and sync, and, if you use OS X and iOS-based devices, you might want to check out a great app called CloudClipboard.

CloudClipboard is an OS X and iOS app that keeps all your clipboard information in sync, regardless of whether you’re using a Mac or an iDevice, and with minimal effort on your part. The service it provides integrates with iCloud and all you need to do is activate sync when prompted to access your clipboard history on other devices using the same account.

The only significant drawback to CloudClipboard is that copied items are not automatically added to your history, i.e., you must first bring the app to the front in order for it to register the clipboard contents. Then, it will promptly sync it. On the other hand, this isn’t a deal breaker, and prevents gratuitous item syncing.

CloudClipboard is available for OS X ($5) and iOS ($3). Comparable functionality can be found for Chrome and Android/Windows users with Clipboard Sync and ClipSync, respectively.

Source Lifehacker

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