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Breathe New Life Into Your Screen Sharing Experiences With Screenhero

These days, the market is saturated with myriad screen sharing/remote access solutions, in addition to whatever functionality is already built into your operating system. While some programs offer additional types of functionality, they are all very similar, and most work well.

So, do we really have room in our collaborative work/troubleshooting lives for one more entry? The makers of Screenhero thinks you do.

Almost all screen sharing applications enable you to select whether a participant is a controller, or a viewer, i.e., can a remote user just view your screen, or can they control your input device(s), as well. Screenhero takes this concept up a notch and displays two cursors on the screen, simultaneously,  that each user can control independently.

Now, while this doesn’t mean that each user can control an application at the same time, it can still be incredibly useful for facilitating collaborative work, or for having a user demonstrate their workflow or problem to their resident geek.

Also, Screenhero is adept at determining which user can do what at what time. For example, if one user is typing, it will not let the other user change the focus to another window. To really appreciate this app, give the short demo a click above.

Source Lifehacker

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