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Help Your Children Understand Electronics With Circuit Playground

We live in an incredible age where much of the world’s population has access to computing devices that, quite frankly, are pretty awesome. It’s very easy to take these things for granted, but if you stop and think about it, it’s really a great time to be alive. There’s always something to see, or do, or learn about it, and for many people, it’s all right at their fingertips, if only they have the will to reach out and grab it.

Yet, it can be disappointing to see how much of the population has limited themselves to being simply consumers of these amazing devices, without really having any fundamental understanding of how they operate or why it’s important to possess such knowledge. If you’re a parent and have similar feelings about contemporary society and its technology, you might want to point your kiddies towards the following resource.

Electronics hobbyist company (and general Open Source good gals), Adafruit, has released a new online series, Circuit Playground, that focuses on teaching children the fundamentals of electronics in brief, fun segments. Similar to their comic book, E is for Electronics, the series aims to maintain children’s attention in creating electronic devices by staying simple and fun.

The series’ first episode, which you can watch above, covers amperes, the unit of measurement for the electric current that moves through a circuit. If you have kids that show any inkling of curiosity about how their super sweet gadgets work, run this episode by them, and see if they become hooked. To catch future episodes and ensure that you don’t miss a beat, be sure to subscribe to Adafruit’s YouTube channel.

Source Lifehacker

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