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Selectively Employ Facebook Chat For Your Closest Friends

Improve Facebook Functionality

The constantly changing interface and flippant attitude towards privacy that are hallmarks of the Facebook M.O. might irk you, but, unless your middle name ends with -ek and you are continually fantasizing about all the redonkulous ways you’d use Google Glass, it is probably your social network of choice. More importantly, it is also very likely where the majority of your friends reside.

One area that is seeing increased relevance with the inclusion of useful new features (e.g., video calls) is Facebook Chat. Maybe you’d like to better utilize it, but the prospect of making yourself available to all the people in your network finds you shutting that bad boy down fast.

Fortunately, there is a way to leave this feature on and selectively choose which buds/budettes can chat with you.

To create your whitelist of chat buddies:

  1. Open your Facebook Chat list and select the gear icon. Navigate to Advanced Settings.
  2. Select Turn On Chat for Only Some Friends, and start typing in the names of friends you want to be allowed to initiate chat sessions with you. Also, you can let everyone chat with you, and then selectively block a few people.
  3. Press Save.

Now, in Facebook Chat, you will appear offline to everyone except for the friends you’ve added to your whitelist. For even more sweet Facebook tips, head over to Make Tech Easier.

Via Lifehacker

Source Make Tech Easier

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