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Add Timer To Your OS X Menu Bar With Timebar


Multi-tasking. We all do it, or at least think we are doing it, and we’re all ostensibly pros at it. In reality, what people think of as multitasking is really task switching, jumping from project to project, trying to work on multiple things at once, with varying degrees of success.

If you’re like me, you spend a significant part of your day in front of a traditional computer (i.e., a desktop or laptop), but you still have other tasks you’re trying to accomplish. Often, these tasks are time-sensitive, for example, cooking dinner or doing laundry. While mobile devices offer a variety of stopwatch solutions, it would be nice to have this functionality built right into your main workstation.

If you’re an OS X user, Timebar can get the job done.

Timebar is an innovative timer application that uses OS X’s Menu Bar as a visual indicator of the time left in your countdown. After installation, set the length of your countdown, whether you want a message to be displayed or not, and an audio cue will play once the time is up.

When you start your timer, the Menu Bar will fill up with a translucent blue color. As the timer counts down, the color will run out, from left to right, providing you with an appealing visual indicator of how much time you have left. This might not sound too impressive, but it really is an elegant implementation of a useful utility.

Timebar is available in the Mac App Store for $2.99.

Via Lifehacker

Source Minimal Mac

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