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Bring Expose And Spaces-like Functionality To Windows With BetterDesktopTool


Ironically, I’ve never been satisfied with the windows management on, well, Windows. Aero Peek and Aero Flip were OK, but I often went back to good, old Alt+Tab to quickly jump from one application to the next. Then, after using a Macintosh and being exposed to Expose, Spaces, and later on, Mission Control, I quickly understand how great a GUI windows management solution could be.

If you feel the same way about this aspect of Windows, and wish there was a way to bring some of that OS X goodness over to the Windows side, you need to give BetterDesktopTool a shot.

BetterDesktopTool is a Windows application that adds a variety of shortcuts to your system that enables features similar to OS X’s Expose and Spaces functionality. Within the app’s Settings window, you can select shortcuts (either for the keyboard, mouse, and/or a hot corner) for many actions related to windows management.

You can access an Expose-like view of all your current windows, of all the windows for the active application, or simply display the desktop. Also, you can split windows up based on whether they are minimized or not.


Lastly, BetterDesktopTool has virtual desktops that enable you to create and easily jump between different workspaces. It even works very well with a multiple monitor setup, and gives you fine control over your shortcuts (click the button to customize).

Via Lifehacker

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