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Prevent Accidental OS X Application Quitting With CommandQ


Keyboard shortcuts are an excellent way to increase the speed and efficiency of your computing experience, but sometimes, an accidental command can really disrupt your flow. Particularly, on OS X, this can be apparent when closing windows/tabs and quitting applications.

For example, on OS X, you can easily quit an application by pressing Command+Q. Unfortunately, the keyboard shortcut for closing an application window (or a web browser tab) is Command+W. You can be sure that many a time, an OS X user has meant to close a window/tab, and accidentally closed out their entire application (good thing OS X has Auto Save ;-).

If you understand how frustrating this can be, you should check out CommandQ for an easy remedy.

CommandQ is an application that prevents you from accidentally quitting an OS X application by making you hold down the titular keyboard command sequence (i.e., Command+Q) for two seconds before actually quitting an application. Even better, you can selectively employ this feature for specific applications that you add to CommandQ’s settings.

At $3.99, it is a tad expensive, but you can try out the software for free for 30 days before you decide if you’re ready to pull the trigger.

Via Lifehacker

Source The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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