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Target List-Based Articles On Google With Special Search Operator

Search Operator

Some of the most useful articles on the Web are list based articles, i.e., The Top Ten…. or The Five Worst….. Often, these information-dense posts can save you hours of research time and contain a plethora of links to germane products or solutions.

Today’s tip will help you whittle down Google’s search results to focus on just these types of posts.

So, let’s say that you vaguely remember a past Lifehacker post that focused on clever ways of using the great file syncing service, Dropbox, but you can’t remember the number that was in the title (i.e., was it the Top 5 or Top 10 Clever Uses for Dropbox???). You can easily run a Google query where you substitute the number with X..X to search for a range of numbers.

For example, you could type Top 5..10 Uses for Dropbox to query Google to find list-based articles for clever Dropbox uses, regardless of the number of items listed in the posts’ titles.

Via Lifehacker

Source Dumb Little Man

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